Dear America

By Dillon Turman

I write to you now in a state of complete inarticulateness, division, loneliness, and above all, fear. 

The thought of a Donald Trump presidency has always been frightful, and, really, demeaning. I never thought it would ever become reality. Many attempt to generalize that the only loss the Nation reaps as a result of this election is a loss to fandom and pride therewith; however, this could not be any further from the truth. This is a complete loss to freedom. A loss to the pursuit of fairness. Trump does not want wellness and peace for my Brothers and Sisters of every color, religion, nationality, orientation, identity, gender and lifestyle. Trump wants silos and monstrous hate; war, wage gaps, and walls which separate us from our destiny of guaranteed equality. Trump represents and has proven himself to be all that is wicked, cruel, craven and corrupt. 

We have seen Trumps’ vision rear its ugly head before in the ideologies of many of the most gruesome leaders our world has ever known. To separate us through bloodshed and loss is not the right side of history. Rather, the antithesis of the promise for a brighter, stronger tomorrow.

This is why it is important from this moment forward that we exercise our own individual rights, thinking, and privileges. Do not let them be hampered and reduced to ash by malice intentions. Remain strong in your stance; accept love and hope into your heart and teach this to others. Do not fall prey to the lies and deceit which is to come in this new world. Remain active and persistent, yet civil.

Do Lady Liberty justice by exercising America’s free will and the power of democracy. 

Live through your words; serve with purpose.

think free

be free,