The Friendship Card

By Hayes Spencer

The friendship card, ladies and gentleman is a form of blackmail, usually provided by a best friend. Though the actual time the friendship card is passed is unknown when your BFF holds the power, consider it over. What you ask could I be referring to as “over”? The thing you are too stubborn to do; that’s what. The friendship card is slipped out of their wallet like a $50 dollar gift card to Express, just yelling “SPEND ME, SPEND ME”, and of course, they take the bait in a time of crisis.

Doesn’t sound like that bad of an idea until YOU are the one they use the card on and just like a shiny new pair of Steve Maddens, you will watch them walk away with your dignity. But you can’t actually be mad at this person, for you were the one that gave them this magical card. They usually know what’s right and needs to be done. You get the “I don’t usually use the friendship card but I need to now,” hair flip, and consider your dignity gone. Needless to say, your best friends are always right. Whether or not you realize that now.

There is a reason you give them that card, and it usually comes around when you need it most. Because at the end of the day, your best friends are like family. Through thick and thin, you need them. You need them to steer you just as much as you steer them. We are all human. We all make mistakes, and result to being our stubborn selves over a pointless issue.  But hey, what would it be like to be without a little fire, huh?


This op-ed originally appeared in The Vanguard Voice