Years & Years

By Chris Heide

A combination of sleek and sexy, Years and Years put on a masterful show Saturday night at the Neptune Theatre.  Years and Years stands apart from many smaller-scale artists and groups. They have catchy singles, emotive ballads and enough discernible charisma to set them apart. Admittedly, I went to the show with no expectations in mind. I left the show feeling fulfilled and entertained; a true accomplishment in Seattle’s musical melting pot. The set list was consistent and well planned. It was one of those shows that felt shorter than it actually was; a hallmark of a truly entertaining showcase.

Years and Years are a British electronica trio founded in London. The band consists of front man and keyboard player Olly Alexander, bass guitarist Mikey Goldsworthy, and keyboardist Emory Türkmen. In 2015 the group released their first full length album, entitled Communion. The album contains the single, Kings, which hit number one on the UK Singles Chart.

Alexander is truly the star of the group. He is the Beyoncé in this iteration of Destiny’s Child.  Possessing a tremendously high range, Alexander hit many diva status notes with a clear and consistent precision. His vocal prowess was one the surprising highlights of the show.   A swirling combination of sexuality and sass, Alexander clearly has superstar potential.

As concert attendee Mike Murray stated, “If MGMT and Foster the People had a baby and it turned out gay, but was raised by Justin Bieber, it would be called Years and Years.”

The most memorable moment of the night came about halfway through the show.  Alexander stopped the show mid-set and called for concert-goer Tyler Golliet to come up on stage. A star-struck Golliet clearly had no idea what was going on. After a few moments, Golliet’s boyfriend, Matthew Lako, appeared. The audience slowly realized what was happening, as Lako got down on one knee to propose. At that moment, the crowd erupted in thunderous applause as Golliet accepted Lako’s heartwarming gesture.

“I was extremely shocked. I thought he was going to sneak a proposal at a zoo. He had been was dropping hints about that. Obviously, it was to distract me from what was really happening. I was so happy and so nervous at the same time. I remember when Olly called my name. He is like a God to me. I love the band so much.  I remember the crowd had to push me up to get me to move. I thought it was just a random contest winning, because we bought the VIP tickets. I suddenly knew what was happening as soon as Olly said someone had a crush on me. Now that I see that video, I didn't realize I was so star struck.  I remember him telling me to say hello and all I kept saying was my name! It was truly the best night of my life.  I realize I have a man that will go to the moon and back to make me happy.  I'm blessed,” said Golliet.

Years and Years has the potential to launch into super-stardom. They know how to masterfully execute a rousing and vibrant show. I would not be surprised if this was the beginning of something huge for Years and Years.