At Chosen Magazine, We seek to embolden the oppressed, enlighten the obtuse, and endorse the unprecedented. We prioritize underrepresented cultural subsects that are deprived of media influence. We demonstrate a prevailing appreciation for artistic sophistication, theatric brilliance, and exotic talent. We boldly examine sociopolitical incongruities and relentlessly challenge iniquitous intolerance. Essentially, we strive to infuse the contemporary zeitgeist with inclusivity, perspicacity, and gentility. 

Co-Founded by Christopher Heide and Jordan Heide,  April 2013. Copyright 2016.

The Chosen Family

Associate Editors: Chloe St. Onge,  Alex Zarlengo

Contributors: Graeme Aegerter, Michael Ryan Blackwood, Steven Griffith, Cody Heck, Jackson Joldersma, Mica Lemire, Aric Markl, Andrew Mayzak, Aaron Michael, Dillon Turman, Robert Williams, Evan Glass, Nina Clevinger, Alaina Clarke, Danny Carroll, Megan McDowell, Jessye Sedergen, Dylan Flint, Jeff Minifie, Skyler Haines, Susan Heide, Casey Allen, Jeremiah Johnston,  Jonathan Joseph, Christian Parker, Zac Miller, Paige Lee, Karis Maguire, Max Aldinger, Kekoaopololu Kealoha, Kirk Calvo, Rachel Heiden, Zach Woodall, Ryan Vasquez, Christopher Ryan, Nick Mcglashan,  Hayes Spencer

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