Counted Out: The Willful Ignorance in Excluding LGBT People from the Census

Queer people are constantly made to defend the validity of our own existences, and we’re damn good at it. Since the 2010 census alone, we’ve seen the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, we’ve seen the first openly transgender woman (Amanda Simpson) appointed to a government post by a U.S. president, the first national monument dedicated to LGBTQ people (Stonewall), a transgender woman (Laverne Cox) on the cover of Time magazine, and, of course, nationwide marriage equality. The advancements forged by LGBTQ people in the last decade have completely transformed the political and societal approach to sexuality and gender. An administration that refuses to recalibrate to these developments with such fundamental means as the self-identification of its own citizens is choosing the comfort of ineptitude over the health and safety of its people.

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