By Casey Allen



One scientific fact can erase a century’s worth of lies

Causing a ripple effect which changes the sands of time

What is so is not necessarily what is believed

Resulting in a thousand year’s worth of hypotheses to be revised

The teachings are adapted and their interpretations changed

To ensure its captivating effects on its followers remains

Since one finds it impossible to deny what can be seen by the naked eye

This alteration is the only way to maintain control over the mind

Obvious questions too often have ambiguous answers

Setting in motion its asker wandering in great circles of confusion

A true disaster it is that the curious are so often encouraged to accept such ambiguity

For the acceptance without valid explanation is seen as such a great symbol of devotion

When asked where such dedication arises they will reply because “they know”

That is until some one in a laboratory coat proves it’s not so

Magical tales once taken as absolute truth are rewritten and retold

Illusions of grandeur and the promise of salvation resold

So comfortable in your beliefs it has become like a reflex

To approve, to concur, to agree and to accept

What will it take to relight our lamp of reason?

What criteria must be met before we start completely over?

Is it the fear of exile or the threat of treason which keeps us bound

To an ever-changing so called manuscript of instructions for life

No matter how ridiculous or contradictory it sounds?

Is it a great coincidence so many things that seem so natural are viewed with negative connotations?

That so many absolutes seem so controversial in different contexts and situations?

I call it a grand design to keep attendance on the rise!

I ask what can possibly be gained from telling a man he is destined to fail

By no matter of self deprivation or strength of his will

Can he be saved from living a sinful and despicable life of wickedness and shame

His only reward be post-mortem, but his only instructors and he both mortal just the same

Fantasy and illusion can be a great catalyst to creativity and productiveness

But it can, when used and taken as truth, be just as destructive to the sovereignty of man

Equal in blame is the magical manipulator of the brain

And those who fall victim and buy into his supernatural games

Who then pass their ignorance on to their offspring as carelessly as their names

I can only hope that somewhere down each genetic line

One will stand heretically defiant, most likely shunned and estranged

But in his own right divine, free to question and investigate

Possessing the courage and fortitude to share what he finds with those who share his reluctance and curiosity of the mind in hopes others will see such advances and take it as a sign that now we must cast aside the things we do not know, or at the very least view with suspicious eyes that which we find comforting and convenient to believe so blind

Until it can be proven to be so in time