Cirque Du Soleil: Volta

By Chris Heide

Photo Credit: Patrice Lamoureux, Costumes: Zaldy

Photo Credit: Patrice Lamoureux, Costumes: Zaldy

Cirque Du Soleil is truly a one-of-a-kind spectacular. After 41 iterations of the pulsating circus arts showcase, Cirque Du Soleil is back with a brand new show, entitled Volta. The energetic new show is a high-octane blend integration of boundary pushing circus arts with high-intensity street sport stylings. It is an interesting, unique and mesmerizing concoction that helps to push a dangerous excitement through the entire show. Undertones of a thumping drag-like show, serves to give Volta additional layers of depth and intrigue.

The thing that separates any Cirque Du Soleil show from similar performance stylings is the use of an emotionally connective narrative thread. That is truly the thing that makes Volta soar. While the tricks and stunts are visceral and propulsive, especially when backed by strong EDM beats, it is the quiet emotional moments that help to solidify the greatness of the show.

The show tells the story of a young man named Waz who, through a series of flashbacks, embarks on a journey of discovery. Every element of the show (and there are a plethora) helps to advance that narrative journey. The show is separated into two acts, with each half stuffed with crazy acrobatic tricks, unusual stunts and deeply relevant emotional moments. It’s an evening that moves with a frenetic, almost whiplash inducing pace.

The show features a bevy of athletic acts, including shape diving, hair suspension, trampoline, roller skating, unicycling, contemporary dancing, bmx racing and other airborne acts. The strongest element of the evening was a contemporary solo dance performed by Joseph Arrigo. It was a hauntingly beautiful number, set to a lyrically harrowing song performed by Camilla Bäckman and Darius Harper. It was a contemporary piece that could easily be seen on So You Think You Can Dance and has choreographic elements reminiscent of Travis Wall. It’s a quiet, yet effective showstopping moment that serves to give the more intense elements even more pomp and circumstance.

Volta is an unforgettable experience and a must-see spectacular that is playing at Marymoor Park through November 4th.