Goodbye, Max Eagle

By Martin J. Smith

As someone who is in recovery, I often get the news of friends passing away from the diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction, usually from Facebook. This time, I got the call Max Eagle passed away. He overdosed.

I went straight to my friend's house, where we usually fellowship with a gamenight. This time was no different, although the air was heavier with the weight of sadness. We played video games, listened to music, and we watched Moana.

I already read the synopsis on Wikipedia, and I've been hearing rave reviews from Facebook, but seeing it with friends on a big screen TV, in high definition, I finally got why people were saying it's the greatest Disney movie, yet. Yes, the music was beautiful, and the script was well-written, and the graphics and animation were exquisite.

We were deciding between watching Fantastic Beasts or Moana. This night, the Divine intervened. For it helped us realize the spirits of those who passed on before us will remain with us, guide us.

Max knew the path he was on. Much like my friend Wyatt who was with me in rehab. Wyatt didn't want to be there. He was there because of the courts. Wyatt overdosed not too long after leaving rehab. But I didn't find out until his birthday of 2015, when I noticed people were saying, "Miss you."

I had another friend, Butters, who passed away from an overdose. He was the first person I knew who passed away from this disease, which takes away so many lives.

But Max. Max was different. He was part of my little tribe. We called him, "the doge," like the meme. He was a lover to some. A friend to others. He was our little light, like a star in the night sky, we got to see every Tuesday night. He brought a sense of hope, for me at least. A hope of no matter how things may look, putting a smile on your face makes our situations better.

In a sense, I knew Max's death was coming. He'd go in and out. And his path of active addiction would only lead to one destination. His pain has been alleviated. His suffering has come to an end.

Death came to him with a down comforter and cushion to match. For Death saw Max's suffering, and he didn't want Max to anguish any further. He is now sleeping on a cloud, rosy pink with a lantern at his side. For he shall never be in darkness anymore.

He will be missed by his friends and family. Rest In Peace, Max. We love you.