Let Your Voice Be Heard

By Martin J. Smith

Alright! Trump is now officially going to be president. I was so hoping the Electoral College would put their votes into Hillary, who won the Popular Vote by almost three million votes. Almost. I’m not going to talk about Russia. I’m not going to talk about Bernie. I’m not going to talk about how this is the death of America, or democracy, or anything of the sort.

In my previous articles, I discussed why people should not be in the closet under a Trump presidency, and the importance of being an artist. This time, I’m speaking to the Trump supporter. 

I’ve been a target of homophobia since I was eight! I’ve been subjected to prejudice and racism (I’m Latino on my mother’s side)! I really hope you know what you’ve done! You’ve just awakened a beast that has been silent since the Stonewall Riots!

This time, we will not be silent! I will not be silent! I will write articles bearing my name on the stupidity of Trump! He can’t spell correctly, which is weird because he decides to tweet at 4AM, and he doesn’t have spellcheck? 

People have their theories, thinking he was chosen by Hillary Clinton’s campaign so she could win. Or he was doing this as a joke for publicity. Well, guess what? The joke is not over, and it is not funny.

Our country has been getting screwed for a long time! Ever since the 1960’s, our country has been marred by political and sociopolitical controversies. The Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War, economic hardship, Stonewall Riots, AIDS crisis, the Gulf War. We were in a time of peace under Bill Clinton and economic security. Granted him signing DOMA was not ideal, we were able to fight and win it three years ago.

Bill Clinton’s presidency is not perfect, no presidency is, but we were fine under him. Just like George W. Bush’s presidency wasn’t perfect. In fact, it was far from perfect! 

And the housing bubble bursting in 2008 led to an economic recession, and who was to blame? Oh yeah! President Barak Obama, who by the way, is the only president without a scandal.  “The emails! Benghazi!” Even Bernie Sanders was tired of those “damn emails!”

And Benghazi? If the Republican Party didn’t vote against a higher security budget for the State Department, then perhaps the Ambassador would still be alive!

I needed to get all of that off my chest! And now for the real story:

Here’s what the next four years are going to look like: people complaining, people protesting, people complaining about the protesters, just like it has been in the past few weeks. Our voices aren’t going to change anything. Just like they didn’t change the Electoral College vote. Want to change the country? Fight it within! Educate the masses! Don’t spread lies with those fake articles! Donald Trump is going to complain about SNL, the people, he may even complain about this article. But guess what? This bitch doesn’t care what Donald Trump says! Under the Constitution, I have a little thing called “Freedom of the Press!” I can write whatever I want!"

I’ve met some of his supporters, and I know some of his supporters. They’re nice people. But seriously, there’s a huge conflict of interest between us! I’m not going to stand down! I will not be silenced! I will continue to fight in anyway I can!

Want the country to be different? Be the difference! Want to make a change? Be the change! Fight for your beliefs! Fight for what’s right! And change this country however you can! Whether it’s going to protests, writing songs, or movies, spreading your own message!

Christmas is coming up, and political discussions will arise. Don’t stand down! Don’t be anti-confrontational. Not this time! Be heard! Let your voice be heard! You have a voice! Use it!