The Prey of Addiction

By Nick Mcglashan


I hate your thoughts about me. The cool people call me ‘choice’.

I hate your higher power.

He weakens me.

Rely on that and I cower.

Work your steps.

Do the things I hate.

I know you’ll be back

I’m nothing less than a disease.

But I am more than your life.

I am cunning.

I am baffling.

I am powerful.

I’ll trick you. I’ll pretend to love you.

Then I’ll make your death painless.

All I want in return is your life.

I want to take the relationship with your wife. Your kids. I want to be your daughter’s last man. I want your boy to grow up like me.

You opened that door when things were right. You let me back in when I was away.

You were so happy when I came knocking.

Together we ruined your life.

We did it together!

I am addiction.

You will choose me over anything.


You were right about so many things..

But today you stop now.