We Are Not The Silent Majority

By Martin Joseph Smith

January 21st was the day as a nation we stood against the government.

We stood in solidarity with women of all sexualities, colors, and upbringings. I marched with the one woman who never left my side: my mom.

My mom is an immigrant from Cuba who left in 1960. She is the mother of two sons, one who is gay, and a daughter.

All three of us helped my mom go through her many tribulations, some of which we caused, but we all managed through the unmanageable.

Marching with my mom was the most amazing experience I've had, because we marched with each other, and for each other. I may be a cis-gender gay man, but I'm part of a group of marginalized sexual minorities treated as such by the man who now holds office.

Yes, Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. He has demonstrated a lack of regard for minority rights. Gay rights are human rights, and this includes my lesbian and transgender brothers' and sisters' rights.

Being two of the 750,000 people in the Women's March in Los Angeles, the largest march in the country, we walked together, hand in hand.


We showed we are not the silent majority.

Los Angeles holding the largest march in the country is quite a feat, considering the truism from Missing Persons, "Nobody walks in L.A." We are a city of motorists. But a large fraction of us walked the streets of Downtown L.A. to let the world know we will not sit around while Trump is in power.

People are angry. It's like in Catching Fire when the tributes return to fight in the 75th Hunger Games. They were angry. Joanna Mason, the tribute from District 7 literally said, "Fuck that!"

Yes, fuck this. Fuck this election. Fuck the Cabinet. Fuck Trump's tweets. Fuck the hate and bigotry. Fuck the next four years. Fuck the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Fuck everyone who voted for the overgrown orangutan who now holds the presidency!

Donald Trump is the least intelligent, least qualified, and least presidential person to hold office. He's not even a person, because a person would treat people with respect.

At this point, I may seem disrespectful, but I give respect where respect is due. Donald Trump has not earned my respect. And it will take a lot for him to earn it.

I am a concerned citizen of the United States. I'm no longer scared. I'm no longer worried. I've thought up of all the different scenarios that could happen within the next four years. And right now, I'm just fucking angry. Angry I still have to fight for being recognized as a citizen for being gay and Latino. I'm angry I still must protest things fought and won by my previous generations. And we are still fighting! And will continue to fight! We will not be silent!